Success Stories

“When I enrolled for MBA-Pathshala, I was looking for something more than any other class would provide. I was looking for guidance and structured process for preparing for competitive exam, and I found exactly what I was looking for. Concepts and syllabus would be covered by any other coaching classes but MBA-Pathshala helped us plan our preparation of topics, tempo of preparation and mocks. Extremely thankful to MBA-Pathshala team”.

alok singh
Alok Singh
IIM-L 2011-2013

“Despite being an engineer, Quants was never my forte. With Abhijeet sir’s magical shortcuts, quants looked easier than never before. The kind of faith he showed in my abilities, filled me with confidence.

Mayank sir’s awesome lectures on Verbal has helped not just me but many people sail safely through the exams. Another feather in the hat was the very well executed GDPI sessions.

Haider sir guided me during my PMP. His idea of keeping things simple and easy, and onstant motivation has kept me upbeat through out the exams.

MBA Pathshala for me wan an experience of a lifetime. A journey I can never forget.”

krishnan A
Krishnan A
NMIMS 2014-16

I want to thank MBA-Pathshala for their help and assistance which let me to achieve this dream B-school. Their study material is highly relevant for actual exams. All the concepts were thoroughly revised, All mentors are very friendly and helpful when it comes to clearing doubts and extra sessions, and extra doubt clearing classes really helped a lot. The motivation workshop gave me an edge in achieving.! Finally, I’d like to say that I spent a lot of my study time at MBA-Pathshala and got to clear my doubts, which was a very important factor in my success.”

raman manchanda
Raman Manchanda
NMIMS, 2015-2017

“Think big..! This is something which you can sense in the air at MBA-Pathshala. Our mentors are always behind each one of us and believes in smart work rather than donkey work. Strategies, mocks, theories, books and stress on cracking the entrance is the goal. And every leader needs a mentor. At MBA-Pathshala, the person teaching you has the expertise and can foresee all you need to put in. Crack the entrance and leave the rest on them. Learning from someone who has “being there” and “done that” is priceless”.

ayushman koul
Ayushman Koul
SP Jain, 2012-2014

“The credit for my success across all exams goes to MBA-Pathshala’s professors. They have guided me, forced me, coaxed me through every decision and at every juncture. My queries were answered even post midnight without any delays. Timely progress analysis and personal discussion about study plan with faculties have been the real game changers for me.

Thank you MBA-Pathshala”.

sidharth gupta
Sidharth Gupta
SCMHRD, 2013-2015

“Abhijeet Sir’s shortcut and strategies workshops helped me improve my accuracy and speed. MBA-Pathshala’s well planned strategy for MBA preparations was very helpful”.

varuna kamath
Varuna Kamath

“I am immensely thankful to MBA_Pathshala for their wonderful guidance and mentoring that helped me to achieve the college of my dreams. The dedicated faculty at the institute helped me at every step of the way to achieve excellence in my endeavours. The classroom sessions and revision helped me with all important concepts. Several workshops on motivation, self-belief and confidence made the difference”.

bhaskar k
Bhaskar K
SP Jain, 2015-2017