A MOCK TEST is a practice test taken before the Actual test. It can be said that a mock test is similar test or replica of the actual test, to brief students about the exam environment, paper pattern, time management and boost their confidence. Thus a MOCK TEST is a SIMULATION of the real test. PRACTICE becomes the key factor for a MOCK TEST

               “There is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory.”


MBA PATHSHALA brings the most comprehensive mock series , THE MOCKWORLD series. We gathers the best from the past and presents it to you. MOCKWORLD will help you understand

  • What your position is
  • How much have you learnt
  • Where do you lack
  • Where can you improvise.

 It makes you more efficient along with effectively increasing your speed. It also helps in monetizing your progress.



Knowledge Box provides on-point and updated study material for all the exams covering all subjects , concept builder and concept practice sessions.



Mockworld series enables students to take multiple mocks for various entrance exams from CAT to CRT



Performance Booster gives you access to additional practice material along with past exams papers. You can even customize your own paper according to your strength and topics completed.