MBA or MS??? which should you choose? Don’t make reckless decision. Choose wisely!!

  In the past few years, the number of specialized and degree programmes have grown to a vast scale across the country. Hence the question arises, an MBA?? Or a MS?? Doing a master’s degree in fields like Marketing, Finance, HR or Accounting might sound resourceful, an MBA helps you polish up your interests while choosing the specific field. The MS degree and the MBA, both will benefit you in either way. It all depends on your goals and how you plot out your degree for your future. While MS degrees give you only specialization in that particular degree you choose, the MBA degree will give you more business knowledge in the whole. And while the MS course concentrates more on academics, the MBA gives you a work-related experience. Although an MS degree is more expensive if you are more focused on the input and investments, doing an MS course would be a better. And since an MA Sis a more specific related course, it might seem smaller or might adjust to your schedules, but keep in mind that’s it’s not as advanced as the MBA that offers a much deeper knowledge and skills to the outside world, though it won’t focus more on the fine points of the exams. In today’s current age, it is very tricky to find a manager’s position without the help of an MBA degree from a reputed Institution. An MBA degree is mandatory for positions like executive and senior management. Mot high end companies don’t even consider people until and unless they have an MBA Degree. People possessing an MBA degree have an advantage for many employment opportunities that are available in the market. For someone with the academic preferences, MS is a good option, but if you’re looking out to work your way up, an MBA is the best option. At the end of the day it all comes down to one final question. Are you looking at the Masterplan or one specific Subject? Are you looking at the entire management or expertise or just thinking of majoring in one certain field of reference? Take a look at your hobbies, your career goals, your interests and capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and pick the right path.
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